Vertical Movie Academy vertical video subscriptions are open, with many advantages.

For example, course participants can participate in the VerticalMovie Festival.

The second edition of the Vertical Movie Festival 2019 was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome Macro Asylum.

The Vertical Movie Academy is the first vertical video school in Europe.

Registrations for the basic course are open every month until May. The courses can be attended in two important cities such as Rome and Milan. From February also in Taranto you can learn how to make VERTICAL videos!

Actor Salvatore Marino is the Director of Education.

Therefore the lessons will be held by a team of professionals of Cinema, TV and Theatre. Pupils will learn how to make video projects in VERTICAL.

To access vertical video course memberships, visit the Vertical Movie Academy website

There are three course levels:

  • 12 lessons that take place over 4 weekends.
  • 20 lessons that take place over 5 months.
  • 40 lessons that take place over 5 months.

The vertical video courses are aimed at all those who want to undertake professional training for film and theatre.

In addition, there are Masterclasses and Internships, at an additional cost. Those who choose the intermediate course can continue the Academy the following year with the advanced course. In conclusion, the VerticalMovie Academy's certificate/diploma is issued after the two-year course.

We remind you that all students will participate in the VerticalMovie Festival.

A showcase that sees the presence of RAI, producers, directors, personalities of entertainment and communication.

Please consult the teaching of the courses on Vertical Movie Academy

For info in That of Milan:
Ketty Carraffa 3382610554, Festival Woman Section Manager.


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