The awards evening of the IV Edition of the VerticalMovie Festival (, the first audiovisual festival shot in the vertical video format 9/16 conceived and artistically directed by Salvatore Marino, organized and produced by Maurizio Ninfa and integrare@ with the technical support of Informasistemi,ended successfully on September 17, 2021, at the Casa Del Cinema in Rome. The VerticalMovie Festival this year was dedicated to Gigi Proietti,for the occasion the actress Paola Tiziana Cruciani opened the evening with a special dedication. The VerticalMovie Festival, from this year, has chosen ecology and attention to the environment as its central theme, allocating to the topic the new "VerticalGreen"section, in which the subject matter must concern pollution, sustainability, renewable energy and respect for the environment. The winning work of the VerticalGreen section was awarded by the general director of Legambiente Giorgio Zampetti. THE WINNERS Of the VerticalMovie Award WINNER: NEW NORMAL by Chul Heo (Korea). In the summer of 2025, there is the new normal era, when the gravity of the Earth changes moment by moment. A man who hides from the world in his own fantasy is in danger because of the strong gravity. VericalGreen Award WINNER: FALLING DOWN by Swann CHESNEL and Yoann CHESNEL (France).Does our modern world reach its limits?What if New York, the world capital, stopped living and became a ghost town?What if our daily lives were reduced to memories printed on old images?A disturbing observation of the downward spiral of our society and its consequences on our world. Verticalopen Award WINNER: CHASE by Hiroki Kawanami and Tommaso Barbetta. (Japan).A thief steals a boy's phone, then a strange and surprising chase begins! VerticalSong Award WINNER: CAPTCHA CHA by Marco Borrelli (Italy).Music video that tells the story of two robots who give birth to a son Special Mention IL MIO POSTO SICURO by Ambra Quaranta (Italy).Carmela has long suffered violence from her husband but finally manages to find the courage to ask for help. Thus begins a journey in search of truth to free herself and find herself Singer-songwriter Federico Baroni was awarded out of competition for his vertical music video "Jackpot". Giancarlo Magalli,the producer and organizer of the festival Maurizio Ninfa,the director Stefano Reali, the director Francesco Colangelo, the director Stefano Reali,the actress Liliana Mele, the actor Jonis Bascir,the actress and voice actress Alex Elton, the actress Valentina Gemelli,the actress and screenwriter Alessandra Kre, the composer Fabrizio Fornaci, the actor Nicola Vic were present in the audience idomini, the Marketing Director of Rai Roberto Nepote, the deputy director of Rai Sport Sergio Santo,the president of Trenitalia Michele Meta,the ambassador of Colombia Gloria Isabel Ramirez Rios, the General Manager of Fiera Di Roma Pietro Piccinetti, the actor Massimiliano Pazzaglia,the director Jocelyn Hattab, the stylist Marco Coretti,the actress Giulietta Revel,the director Andrea Marrari. The evening was conducted by Maddalena Zoppoli with the help of Salvatore Marino and the intervention of special guests such as the director Enrico Mentana (in connection), Giampiero Ingrassia,the singer-songwriter Federico Baroni, the actor Gianni Fantoni, the composer Fabio Frizzi (president ofthe jury), the screenwriter Silvia Scola, the actress Paola Tiziana Cruciani, the cabaret artist Gianluca Giugliarelli, < / c10 >the producer Luciano Sovena (President of the Roma Lazio Film Commission). The 40 works viewed by the jury, chaired by Fabio Frizzi, were selected from over 1000 short films received from 117 countries on five different continents. The jury is composed of: Fabio Frizzi (composer and president of the jury), Silvia Scola (screenwriter and daughter of Ettore Scola), Fabrizio Fornaci (composer), Alessandra Kre (actress, screenwriter), Valentina Gemelli (actress), Gianni Fantoni (actor). The VerticalMovie Festival this year has chosen an all-Greentheme: ecology, sustainability, renewable energy and respect for the environment. To put it with Greta Thumberg:every day is "Earth Day", and this reminds us that the environmental and climate emergency must be the central pivot of our existence, that we must intensify circular economy, renewables and energy efficiency. The purpose of VerticalMovie is to give space to the creativity of the younger generations, in order to develop audiovisual projects in vertical format. VerticalMovie is non-profit, the only purpose is to promote and disseminate new trends, the creative virtues of the youth world. The works published on the homepage of were created by the students of the Liceo Artistico Paritario San Giuseppe di Grottaferrata The works in competition are visible on the Website of the VerticalMovie Festival,

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