Alessandro La Fauci

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OPEN DAY on October 29th at 3.00 pm.

The VERTICAL MOVIE ACADEMY is THE ONLY WORLD ACADEMY dedicated to the study of audiovisuals shot vertically, and it is right here with us!!

The Academy is based at the Liceo Artistico San Giuseppe in Grottaferrata, where professional courses will be held in acting, directing, vertical shooting, filmic pro for android and apple, editing, public speaking and diction!

The artistic direction and courses will be held by the well-known actor Salvatore Marino in collaboration with prestigious names in the entertainment world such as Fabio Frizzi,Alessandro La Fauci, Stefano Reali, Silvia Scola, Jonis Bascir.

The courses will have a key 2.0 or a vision fully linked to technology, new means of communication such as social networks and experimentation.

Even the most "traditional" subjects such as acting will be set up in such a way that the student will be able to learn and apply in an immediate and concrete way in the digital world.

The goal is to bring the student directly into the world of entertainment work, also thanks to the important partners that the Vertical Movie Academy boasts municipality of Rome, Rai, Artisti 7607, Roma Lazio Film Commission,

In addition, the Vertical Movie Academy organizes every year an international festival of short films shot vertically, a very important showcase for young people who face this world.

What are you waiting for??

The test will be held on Wednesday 27 October at 16.00 and Friday 29 October at 15.00.

To book just call the 069410330.

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