Chul Heo

NEW NORMAL is a film by a sensitive and inspired director, such as the Korean Chul Heo,able to tell, not without sarcasm and a veiled irony, with a fluid narration and a well-curated photography, a compelling story that investigates a changed condition of the times.

Andre Chong and  Angelene Wong
In a hypothetical future, imminent or remote, the Earth will no longer be the one we know, but that does not mean that it has not set the conditions to improve mankind. The extraordinary work of  Heo, well interpreted by the two protagonists Angelene Wong and Andre Chong, won the fourth edition of the VerticalMovie Festival 2021 as best film, with the following motivation:

“For illustrating a hypothetical and not too unlikely future society doomed to extinction, and after having done so with originality and poetry, in this vertical short film that is both intense, engaging and also full of trust in man.” 

Angelene Wong

In this stunning short film, Heo tells a story with masterfully curated photography. In the film, the evocative vertical shots inside a building emerge with great power, returning an upward escape of the verticality of the building.

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