Passion, tenacity and willpower have taken flight to Miriam Previati’s career. After the news that Bellocchio’s Traitor is among the nominees for the Oscar nomination, in which she starred one-on-one with Pierfrancesco Favino, last weekend the Ferrara received the Vertical Movie Festival award for best lead actress. And it was the well-known director Stefano Reali who gave it to him in the spotlight, which motivated the choice of the jury: almost unanimously, the likes of Fabio Frizzi, Federico Moccia, Abel Ferrara, Luciano Sovena and Peter Greenaway voted. It was the short film Innocent Evasions that earned her the prestigious award. “It’s a comedy and it’s a clear tribute to Battisti,” says Previati, “who I love as a singer-songwriter and who reminds me of my parents together when I was little and the turntable always played.” The short, made at low cost and showing great concentration, stages a romantic evening in which a “he” appears intent on concluding the preparations to be the can attractive possible… but someone will knock on his door suddenly, making him abruptly return to reality: an unexpected guest will ruin his expectations, but will entertain the audience from the first moment. “I consider the award a confirmation of how this is my way,” concludes the actress, “net of doubts and insecurities. Working on a project of its own, especially in the time clippings between sets, frees up the energies that many actors sacrifice by living waiting for a part.”

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