Vertical movie

fourth 2021 edition


Work of Valentina Rocchi Pellicciari

This year the VerticalMovie Festival has chosen an entirely Green theme: ecology, sustainability, renewable energy and respect for the environment in order to safeguard our planet.

Work of Aurora Parisi

To quote Greta Thumberg: every day is “Earth Day”, and this reminds us that the environmental and climatic emergency must be the central pivot of our existence, that we must intensify circular economy, renewables and energy efficiency.

Work of Cristopher Di Mascio

The symptoms of climate change must be addressed in such a way as to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible. We must create conditions of resilience for our urban make-up.

Work of Valerio Bruni


Work of Cipolloni Annamaria

vertical green

The works in this section must deal with an entirely Green theme: ecology, sustainability, renewable energy and respect for the environment.

Work of Sara De Carolis, Claudia Marchetti, Cipolloni Annamaria

vertical open

Vertical Open is a free themed section addressed to everyone. The maximum duration of the works is ten minutes.

Work of Ceci Maria Lucia

vertical song

Vertical Song in a section dedicated to videoclip

Work of Suami Mataldi, Ignacio Goio, Ludovica Boni

VerticalMovie is a competition aimed at everyone,  with the goal to discover new talents in the field of screenwriting, directing and photography, whose participants are asked to tell short stories with exclusively vertical video footage (9/16).

Work of Carlucci Francesco

VerticalMovie is a not-for-profit entity whose only purpose is to promote and disseminate new trends and to celebrate the creative virtues of the younger generations.

Work of Valentina Rocchi Pellicciari

The works published on this page are made by the students of the Liceo Artistico Paritario San Giuseppe in Grottaferrata

Teacher Francesca De Angelis

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The 4th edition of the VerticalMovie Festival 2021 will take place in Rome.

In the previous 2019-20 editions we have received over 3000 works from 117 countries on 5 continents.

We thank all the competitors who, despite the pandemic, have done their utmost to produce their works.


The VerticalMovie site, in addition to boasting 12,258 subscribers, has totaled the following figures:

numbers totaled through printing

1.748.451  visits on

579.214  visits on 

378.944  visits on Il

847,269 visits to other online newspapers



the sections in competition 2020



Open topic section addressed to all. The maximum length of the short film must be 10 minutes (excluding any credits).
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Section whose works are written, directed or interpreted by women. The topics dealt with must have a female look, while maintaining roles and characters of a heterogeneous genre within them. The maximum length of the short must be 10 minutes (excluding any credits).
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Section dedicated to the documentary
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Rai Radio 2 was the official radio of the VerticalMovie Festival 2018. On this occasion on September 22 Rai Radio 2 opens its IGTV channel on instagram. Here are some promotional launches of the VerticalMovie Festival with the protagonists of Rai Radio 2: Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Perroni, Andrea Delogu, Silvia Boschero, Giovanni Veronesi, Massimo Cervelli, Antonello Dose, Marco Presta, Paolo Calabresi, Lillo, Greg and Alex Braga, Corrado Nuzzo, Maria Di Base, Mauro Casciari,

the vertical contribution of amref



  • VERTICAL MOVIE AWARD: Sachiko by Miguel Esteve


The power of writing and imagination: writing creates, writing destroys. The exhibition of the contrasts and / or inconsistencies of Japan: the calm time of the temples alternates with the time of the city. The images are sharp. The passion for dance corresponds to the passion for beauty. Both represent a vocation.

  • VERTICAL OPEN AWARD: Passed the brush by Leif Gantvoort


For the intuition of reviewing, at a grazing flight, the trends of the moment present in social networks and through their language to propose them again in a short film story. Parallel space-time planes, irony and rhythm, to suggest to grab the “make-up brushes” and the possibilities of transformation that life throws at us.

  • VERTICAL WOMAN AWARD: Bonne nuit by Dominique Maury Lasmartres


Not for everyone the night draws a bonne nuit, but for some it can become one thanks to the generosity of others. Work made with sensitivity and excellent cinematic narrative.

  • VERTICAL SONG AWARD: Cantaclaro by Vadim Lasca


For being able to represent the decadence of values ​​with a dark and dystopian setting, filmed with extraordinary skill via a dated mobile device and having obtained a strictly vertical photograph, well lit, with the complicity of excellent costumes and an appreciable piece of music.

  • VERTICAL DOC AWARD: Khayelitsha by Leila Kidson and Michael Carter


The desertification of the external landscape contrasts with the great inner wealth. The individual is not the place where he lives. The individual is in the depth he inhabits. The worst desertification lies in carelessness. Excellently photographed work.

  • VERTICAL WEB AWARD: Isolation by Melania M. Codella (section dedicated to the work that reaches the highest number of views) 6531 views.


An island, a family, a positive. Family life is about to be upset by the result of a swab. Between hypochondria, anxiety and acceptance of reality, the mirror of the nature of the human being emerges. Let the isolation begin. An ironic and fun way to represent a truth that has shocked many people. Be positive.

  • Special jury prize to Paola Quattrini
  • Award for the best vertical comedy series to Andrea D’Andreagiovanni and Simone Gallo for LA FINESTRA.
  • Award to the best vertical series to STU, MY NAME IS STU and BAD JU JU
  • Out of competition award to Oscar winner Damien Chazelle for the vertical short “The stunt double


For having been able to combine with great skill, present, past and future of Cinema from its origins to today, taking up (and winning) the challenge of the latest generation vertical movie.

  • Best Original Score: Vincent Barrière for SACHIKO
  • Best story-script: José Mellinas for DESINCRONIZADO
  • Best Actor: Guy Fearon for Simon O’Neill’s Tell me about yourself
  • Best Actress: Lea Van Acken for Linda-Schiwa Klinkhammer’s Remote Love
  • Best Sound and Mix: Kewal Roshan Ezra’s ASCENSION
  • Best Cinematography: My life something different by Jan Moravec
  • Best Costumes: Marco Coretti for Fedora by Andrea Marrari
  • Best Editing: Oh is that a girl? by Nicole Chi
  • Best Director: Michel Carter and Leila Kidson for KHAYELITSHA

Vertical Movie Festival 


OCTOBER TEN at nine pm italian time

Vertical Movie

Show time

The final evening of the 3rd Edition of the VerticalMovie Festivale was conducted by Salvatore Marino and Liliana Mele, and was streamed on the VerticalMovie Facebook page by I.S.S. Informasistemi Studios.


Salvatore Marino

Creator and founder of the VerticalMovie Festival, the first vertical video festival. He made his debut as an author and actor, participated in numerous films and theatrical performances. He was a columnist for the Omnibus Weekend television show on La7. In 2012-14 he is one of the comedians of the Zelig TV show. From the 2014-15 season he participates in the transmission I fatti tua, on Rai 2, where he leads a space where he shows videos taken from the web. From 2020 he is in the cast of Propaganda Live on La7.

Liliana 2

Liliana Mele

Liliana Mele is an Italian actress. She made his film debut in 2004 on the set of Carlo Verdone in Love is eternal while it lasts. In 2005 she played the role of Amina, one of the protagonists of the TV series Gente di mare broadcast on Rai Uno.
In 2009 she acted alongside Sergio Castellitto and Riccardo Scamarcio in the film Italians by Giovanni Veronesi. In 2011 she played the role of Sinan in The Marvelous Adventure of Antonio Franconi by Luca Verdone, with Massimo Ranieri. In 2018 she is among the main interpreters of the film Tutto il mondo è Paese with Giuseppe Fiorello directed by Giulio Manfredonia.

honored guests

Took part in the awards ceremony

as accomplices and supporters, many friends, authors, actors, journalists, singers, etc … etc …

Enrico Mentana


Enrico Mentana is an Italian journalist, television author and TV presenter. He is the founder of TG5, of which he was also director from 13 January 1992 to 11 November 2004. Author and host of information and in-depth programs, since 30 June 2010 he has been the director of TG LA7

Giancarlo Magalli


Italian television author, television presenter, playwright, screenwriter, actor and voice actor. Historical conductor of RAI. Author of many television programs, among others creator and author of NO STOP, the first variety without conduction. Countless programs conducted and written. He is currently conducting your facts on Rai Due.

The Niro


Davide cultivated a love for music and percussion from early childhood. In the 90s he began to collaborate with various Roman formations. In 2002 he gives life to a group, The Niro, with which he begins to perform live, Davide keeps the name as a pseudonym for his solo career. On 13 December 2013 he was selected to participate in the Sanremo Festival 2014 in the "New Proposals" section with the song 1969.

Stefania Montorsi


Born in Bari, theater actress, she begins to act in cinema with Leone Pompucci's Mille bubbles blue, Other men, by Bonivento. With Daniele Luchetti he plays in The Little Masters and in Dillo con parole mie, of which he writes the subject and the screenplay. She stars in the international production Nora, with Ewan McGregor. In October 2010 his first novel Amori fuoricorso was released for the publisher Sonzogno RCS.

Marco Passiglia

Standup comedian

Winner of the Troisi award
Bravo Award Winner Thank you
I'll throw myself tonight
Tu si que vales
Colorado cafe
Last theatrical tour with "We just have to laugh" One man show by and with Passiglia Marco.

Cinzia Scaglione


Awarded for her multifaceted talent with the Vincenzo Crocitti Award, in 2016. She participated in series such as Montalbano, Squadra antimafia, Lampedusa, Happiness has arrived. He works alongside Nino Frassica. - fight against smoking, directed by Christian Bisceglia and Ascanio Malgarini (Ministry of Health). Cinzia is also a journalist-publicist.

Andrea e Simone


In 2006 the duo Andrea and Simone were formed and appeared for the first time on TV in programs such as Matinèe broadcast on Rai2. In 2008 they participated in Come forward cretino, by Pier Francesco Pingitore. In 2010 instead it was the turn of Check In, by Giancarlo Nicotra, broadcast on Rai1. From October 2010 they joined the cast of Colorado on Italia 1, with the suitcase sketch.

Stefania Pellegrino

Standup comedian

Stefania graduated from the "Corrado Pani" Academy. In 2007 she took part in the “Martina Franca Cabaret Festival”; In 2009 she won the Totò Award as best interpreter; 2013 wins the Bellizzi comedy award. Take part in different Talents on La7 and SKY. She has a degree in sociology and is the Artistic Director of the "Arena Virgilio" music and theater festival in Gaeta.

Andrea Cerrato


Hi, my name is Andrea Cerrato and I am a singer-songwriter. Basically I write songs and make videos. I've been writing songs since I was a kid because I wasn't particularly good at communicating my emotions, but the music helped me do that.

Paola Quattrini


Paola made his film debut at the age of four in the film Il bacio di una morta, on the radio at the age of eight with Corrado, in the theater at ten with Luigi Squarzina. He worked alongside Walter Chiari, Domenico Modugno. Paola wins the Nastro d'Argento with Avati. In 2003 the President of the Italian Republic conferred on her the honor of Commander of the Italian Republic.

Courtney Mills

Lyrical singer

Courtney Mills began her career on the prestigious stage of the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall in New York. She has sung through Europe one stages like Auditorium of the Louvre, Verbier Festival and Petruzzelli di Bari where in December she will be the protagonist in the Turandot. During lockdown, one of her videos reached 12 million views. She was featured on “Guess my age”. She recently sang for Heineken at Formula 1 in Monza.

Mauro Proia


Multifaceted actor, he took part in numerous successful films and television series. At VerticalMovie he plays the role of a sui generis Bodyguard.

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