The Verticalmovie Festival places a revolution in the audiovisual world: the vertical format. Designed and artistically directed by Salvatore Marino, organized by integrare@ A.C. and by Maurizio Ninfa of interproject event s.r.l .. The idea was immediately married by a group of performing artists such as scriptwriters, directors, film editors, producers. VerticalMovie is a container that provides expertise and professionalism to create a production center of exclusively vertical content for the web.
From this communion of intents the first international festival of vertical audiovisual was born.

Salvatore Marino

Creator and artistic director of VerticalMovie Festival
He made his debut as an actor graduated from the Gigi Proietti laboratory, participated in numerous feature films including Gente di Roma by Ettore Scola, and numerous Rai TV series with Renzo Arbore, Pippo Baudo and several Rai TV series and sitcoms. He currently works with Netflix.

Maurizio Ninfa

Sole Director of Interproject Event s.r.l.
Since 2000 Interproject Event organizes and organizes national and international events in all contexts of schow business activities for PA, PMI. Competence, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit make Interpropject the vector of edifying successes. Maurizio Ninfa Sole Director of the Company, he has held numerous institutional positions, registered in the Order of Journalists since 1990, he has been an athlete of the Italian national volleyball team, achieving numerous achievements: Universiade'83 bronze medalist in Edmonton (Canada), European Champion , champion of Italy and other numerous successes. It organizes the most important sporting events including, since 2015, the BNl Internationals of Italy of Tennis in Rome, and the MipCom and MipTv at Cannes with the RAI.

Francesco Colangelo

Scriptwriter and theater director (Scritti metropolitani), directs some short films: Anabasis, Il taglio, Bambini, before the lucky ones The sirens (2006) to the David di Donatello, and L'ultimo passo (2007) at the 64th Venice Film Festival. In 2012 'The tenth wave' short winner of the Silver Ribbon for the best actor of the year: Giorgio Colangeli.

Danilo Milocco

Creator and organizer of events, journalist, author, director and actor for the theater and author for television (RAI, Italia1, La7). A path that saw him as director of a radio station, manager in an advertising and marketing agency, communication teacher and new media (IED), graphic designer and multimedia developer.

Mauro Proia

Film collaborator, TV series and advertising.

Ketty Carraffa

VerticalWoman curator
Ketty Carraffa, from Milan. She started her career as a photojournalist at a very young age, following Fabrizio De Andrè and making documentaries about societies and forgotten wars in the world. Organizing events and international conferences dedicated to the social, with particular attention to gender issues, with the support of Cinema, Music and Art. Blogger, Author of Format TV, Professor of Cinema and Communication, TV writer and Opinionist on the issues of women's and workers' rights.

David Claudio

Stage manager
I am a talent scout recognized by Gold TV and a television dj from the same broadcaster. Event conductor and for you I will happily be your interviewer and "stage manager".

Fabrizio Cremonese

Shooting after movie
Event author and conductor

Gianluca Blumetti

Actor graduated from the "Cantiere teatrale" directed by Paola Tiziana Cruciani. Participate in the 2016 edition of Italia's Got Talent, arriving in the semifinals. He writes 2 comedies for the theater and numerous monologues from which he draws his solo show "But let's leave it there". It has a youtube channel where he talks about football in a comic and easy-going way and from these videos derives his book "Chronicles of a Guatemalan" . Collaborate with Radio Radio writing his weekly speeches. He teaches theater and creative writing.