The Verticalmovie Festival places a revolution in the audiovisual world: the vertical format. Designed by Salvatore Marino and organized by Maurizio Ninfa, the idea was immediately married by a group of performing artists such as screenwriters, directors, film editors, producers. VerticalMovie is a container that provides skills and professionalism to create a production center of exclusively vertical content for the web.
From this communion of intent the first international vertical audiovisual festival was born. The idea was appreciated by the following characters.

Salvatore Marino

Creator and artistic director of VerticalMovie Festival
He made his debut as an actor graduated from the Gigi Proietti laboratory, participated in numerous feature films including Gente di Roma by Ettore Scola, and numerous Rai TV series with Renzo Arbore, Pippo Baudo and several Rai TV series and sitcoms. He currently works with Netflix.

Maurizio Ninfa

Amministratore unico della Interproject Event s.r.l.
Dal 2000 Interproject Event organizza e allestisce eventi nazionali ed internazionali in tutti i contesti delle attività di schow business per la PA, le PMI. Competenza, dedizione e spirito imprenditoriale, fanno di Interpropject il vettore di successi edificanti. Maurizio Ninfa Amministratore Unico della Società, ha ricoperto numerosi incarichi Istituzionali , iscritto all’Ordine dei Giornalisti dal 1990, è stato atleta della nazionale italiana di pallavolo ottenendo numerosi traguardi : medaglia di bronzo Universiade'83 di Edmonton (Canada ) , Campione d’Europa, campione d’Italia ed altri numerosi successi. Allestisce i più importanti eventi sportivi tra cui dal 2015 gli Internazionali BNl d’Italia di Tennis a Roma, e il MipCom e MipTv a Cannes con la RAI.

Francesco Colangelo

Scriptwriter and theater director (Scritti metropolitani), directs some short films: Anabasis, Il taglio, Bambini, before the lucky ones The sirens (2006) to the David di Donatello, and L'ultimo passo (2007) at the 64th Venice Film Festival. In 2012 'The tenth wave' short winner of the Silver Ribbon for the best actor of the year: Giorgio Colangeli.

Danilo Milocco

Creator and organizer of events, journalist, author, director and actor for the theater and author for television (RAI, Italia1, La7). A path that saw him as director of a radio station, manager in an advertising and marketing agency, communication teacher and new media (IED), graphic designer and multimedia developer.

Manuela Metri

He lives between Rome and Los Angeles. After obtaining The International Baccalaureate in London, he graduated in 1985 at the Gigi Proietti Stage Arts Laboratory and then moved to Los Angeles, where he studied and worked at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Hollywood and NYC. His American apprenticeship begins with the tour of the show 'The Ultimate Event' with Frank Sinatra Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Junior for a year around the world. Parallel to her career as an actress (in '91 NBC chooses her for a permanent role in Soap Santa Barbara) she deals with film production and actor management, studies film and television marketing and management at Ucla.

Mauro Proia

Film collaborator, TV series and advertising.

Antonio Laquintana

I am Antonio, graduating in Economics and Management at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Parallel to my university career, I cultivate a passion for music, a world that I was able to explore for 10 years with my Rock Band, managing to reach important milestones. Thanks to this experience I have also approached the organization of events, giving life to the biggest concert for young people in the Castelli Romani. Currently I work with the Municipality of Grottaferrata and dream of becoming a Top Manager.

Patrizia Simonetti

Press office
Professional journalist, for years at the head of the Culture and Entertainment editorial board in a national press agency, Patrizia Simonetti arrives in the world of journalism through that of radio. Freelance since 2009, has always dealt with cinema, TV, theater and music collaborating with various newspapers - paper, web and radio - and directing an online show. For several years he has also worked as a freelance press office, always in the culture and entertainment sector.