VerticalMovie Italy, Vertifilms Czech Republic, Vertical Film Festival Australia are the promoters of the contest Covid 19 underexposed.

The world that emerges from Covid-19 will not be the world we knew before.

We ask filmmakers-artists from all over the world to TURN a VERTICAL SHORT or a short vertical sequence during the social space: a vertical video of up to 15 seconds, shot on an extraordinary day in the history of humanity. That date is May 1st,

FRIDAY’, MAY 1, 2020

Usually a global day of celebration, solidarity and love, May 1, 2020 promises to be very different for people all over the planet who live in the shadow of coronavirus. The title Onwards, Upwards raises the question of what we can draw from this experience to move forward, displayed in a vertical frame.

So on this date you take the camera, phone or animation tools to create a vertical moving image that tells us how you feel in this situation: you could show your current experience wherever you are; could embody a sense of global solidarity; or maybe see your hopes for the future post-pandemic. It’s your turn. Deafening

Upload it by May 3rd and we will carefully select the best of these in a single vertical “crowdsourcing” video, based entirely on non-commercial Creative Commons principles, with the creators accredited for their works.


Friday, May 1, 2020, which vertically framed video shot could illustrate your current lived experience; solidarity in a time of adversity; hope for the future; or the kind of opportunity you see emerging from this crisis as we move upwards, upwards? should be:

anywhere in the world on May 1, 2020, complying with any lockout restrictions

genre (fiction, documentary, animation, etc.)

a shot or a short sequence of shots, total duration between 1 and 15 seconds

mute or s sound; your choice

no advertisements, no logos and no copyrighted material in vision or audio

loaded for us to download and view

created and presented with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

This means that no one, including us, can use your work for commercial purposes; that you will be credited with your work if it is used; and we’ll share the change with the same license.



From Friday 1 to Sunday 3 May you will see a short web module in this space. Once the video is uploaded, you will need to enter the details, your country, an email address for the notification, the description of the work, a translation in case of non-English dialogues and the name you want to be displayed. Finally, you will need to accept these Creative Commons license terms.


Uploads must be completed by 11:59 p.m. local time on Sunday, May 3, 2020. We will make the full video available for free for viewing and download later in May and contact everyone who has submitted material, regardless of whether it appears in the final video.

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