Peter Greenaway, his first vertical film

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Peter Greenaway has announced his intention to sign with other directors his first vertical film, the first made in Europe, inspired and imagined in the wake of the VerticalMovie Festival. The film will be titled Verticality, will develop into 7 episodes and will be produced by The Stemo Production by Claudio Bucci. The director of The Zoo of Venus and The Belly of the Architect will direct the first chapter with his wife, director and video artist Saskia Boddeke, and will oversee the entire project: "Modern culture is now geared towards mobile phone use," said Peter Greenaway during a meeting with the festival audience – and even though some people use it horizontally , most use it vertically; if you look around and look at the buildings of Rome, Italy and Europe, and if you believe that cinema is like looking through a window, you will find that most of the windows in the Western world are vertical, not horizontal."

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